What are Silly Bandz? Well I will tell you. Silly Bandz started back in August 2009, and they were the least selling thing in the store. But has time went on, Silly Bandz grow popular and then they went from 100 sales a month, to maybe 70 thousand! Silly Bandz come in all shapes and sizes, from a dinosur to a baseball hat, Silly Bandz have all shapes that are silly. You simply put them on your wrist and youre ready to go! Some companies are making iteams like Silly Bandz, such as no name brands, Zany Bandz, Bama Bandz, and others. While they are great for kids, not so much for teachers. Schools are banning them because they are toys to the kids, and kids play with them. Some adults must be wondering whats this fad all about. I walked into the store and went to buy some, and the guy who worked at the store asked me- "Whats the big deal with these" as if store people are so used to selling maybe 700 packs a day. You can buy a bag at any drug store, like at a tedeschi, (store 24) and 7-11. They cost from about 3.00$ to 4:00$ depedning on the pack. But why are kids so crazy about these? I think its because of the colors, and who the look cool on wrist, or maybe the shapes that pop back into place when you take them off, or maybe even being able to trade. Its like wearing a baseball card! Coming soon theres a brand new product called Sillybiners, and they are used to hold your keys, or you Silly Bandz in a new way! To find out more about these Bandz, vist these sites: Offical home of Bandz, Silly Bandz! The Zany Bandz website! The Bama Bandz Website!